Monday, October 1, 2012

Real Alternative Play RealMedia files without RealPlayer

Real Alternative Play RealMedia files without RealPlayer

Solid and simple
Lite and easy on your system
Very Easy to download and install
Gives you a simple way to play smil files on your hard drive
It doesn't make Expresso or massage your feet, it just plays media files, OK?
Very small learning curve to use it
No Wow interface, no flying through space thing, no "in the back working" to completely re-organise your computer and send information to the CIA
Real Player has suffered for its reputation as an invasive nuisance and slightly underhand, pay-and-keep-paying program. I didn't like it. When my distance learning school started delivering its lectures in .smil, I had to use this program to help me out and play them.
So I recommend this program highly for keeping it simple and working reliably.



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